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Must I appear in court if I was served with a municipal subpoena?

A subpoena for a witness is a court order which requires the served witness to appear to testify in a case that has been set for trial, unless released by the requesting party (prosecutor, defendant or defense attorney) or judge. A citation issued by a police officer or a summons issued by the court (mail or served) is notification to the person charged (the defendant) that a charge has been filed with the court and a court date has been set for the matter. The necessity for a court appearance is determined by the type of the violation, as specified by law or judicial order. In the municipal court, certain violations can be satisfied without a court appearance by entering a signed plea of guilty and paying the standard fine and costs prior to the court date. Other violations require a court appearance. To determine which applies in your particular situation please contact the Municipal Court office at (660) 627-1237.
Updated 12/7/2017 1:33 PM
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