Kirksville Fire Department Fire Safety Programs

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Stop, Drop, and Roll

Teaching children the basics if their clothes catch on fire.


Setting Up Programs in Pre-Schools


 Exit Drills In The Home

Fire Evacuation Planning

 Helping Businesses prepare emergency evacuation plans.

Fire Extinguisher Training

  Providing lecture and/or practical fire extinguisher training for employees.

Home and Business Fire Safety Inspections Safety Inspections 

Providing fire safety inspections to help and correct fire hazards.

Fire Engine Visits

Station Tour

Student of the Month Ride-Along Program 

Every month a boy and a girl from Ray Miller Elementary School (Kirksville) are selected "Student of the Month".  These students are chosen by their teachers for their outstanding endeavors, and standing out through showing respect, responsibility, practicing safety, kindness, and cooperativeness.  Through this process one name from each grade is drawn from the chosen students, in which they are able to ride to school in a fire truck.  If a child lives in town the fire truck picks them up at home and takes them to school.  If the child lives in the county, the parent delivers the child to the Kirksville Fire Department and the truck takes them to school from there.  These children also receive a special gift from the Fire Department.

For more information about programs, please call the Kirksville Fire Department at 660.665.3734.