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The City of Kirksville Code of Ordinances requires properties in the city to maintain a clean appearance. The Codes Department has an inspector who is the primary enforcement officer for our main violation complaints: excessive trash or rubbish, unlicensed vehicles, excessive height of grass or weeds, and exterior display or storage of household items. The specific code for enforcement of these violations is: 

Sec. 17-2 (of the City Ordinances) Exterior display or storage of household items 

Sec. 17-3 (a) (of the City Ordinances) Grass and Weeds ordinance 

Sec. 17-3 (b) (of the City Ordinances) Accumulation of rubbish or garbage  

Sec. 17-4 (of the City Ordinances) Wrecked, damaged, demolished, disabled, disassembled, inoperative, or currently unlicensed vehicles

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If you observe violations of the above ordinances or any others in your neighborhood, please call the Codes Department at 660.627.1272 and report your concerns or complete a Citizen Service Request. It will be investigated, and if verified, we will take steps to bring the property into compliance.