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In order to divide any parcel of land within the city of Kirksville, the property owner must complete a Lot Split Application and submit it to the Code Enforcement Director to be reviewed along with a field survey of the property. The lot split application contains all the information needed to know if your property is a good candidate for consideration.

When the applicant provides the survey and application, the Code Enforcement Director will determine if the lot split will meet city requirements.  If it does, he will forward the lot split to the City Manager for approval.  If the City Manager approves, it will be filed with the Adair County Recorder.  If the lot split does not meet all requirements of the city, the City Manager will not approve the lot split.  The applicant will have the option to present the lot split before the City Council to see if they will approve it.  If so, the Codes Enforcement Director will then place the lot split on an upcoming City Council Agenda as an action item.  If council then passes it as an approved lot split, the City will file the lot split with the Adair County Recorder.  

No fees will be collected upfront at the filing of the Lot Split application.  However, after approval from the City Manager or City Council, your fees will be accessed depending on the outcome.  If the lot split is denied, the City’s fees will be $50, plus $2.00 for each lot, including the parent lot.  If approved, the City will file the necessary paperwork with the Adair County Recorder.  The City’s fee will be the same as above plus the County recording fee.  This varies with the size of the field survey map presented.

It is very important to remember that a division of land located within the City Limits of Kirksville, Missouri is not legal unless submitted to and approved by the Kirksville City Council with an ordinance signed by the Mayor and then filed with the Adair County Recorder of Deeds.

We have added a link to the Lot Split Application for your convenience. For further assistance and any questions, please contact the Codes Enforcement Director at 660.627.1272.

Lot Split Application