Contractor Testing Requirement

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The City of Kirksville requires Contractors to pass comprehensive testing before they can be approved to be a general contractor, electrician and/or plumber within the City of Kirksville. Each individual specialty test is 25 multiple choice questions catered to the field specialty. Study guides are available to be checked out once your business license paperwork has been submitted to the Finance Department. Verification of payment will be required before the Study Guide can leave City Hall.

Can I bypass the testing requirement?

There are actually several ways to get the testing requirement waived. Check out the municipal code for all the conditions available for test waiving. You will want to refer to item (f), number (4).

What if I fail the test(s)?

The first test is included in your business license fee; however, if you fail, a second test is required for an additional $25.00 testing fee that must be paid before the test is issued. This is for each specialty. For example, if you are a general contractor in addition to an electrician and a plumber and you fail two of the three tests, you will have to pay $50 in order to retake the two tests you failed.

What if I fail the second test(s)?

If you fail the second round of testing, you will be required to wait two weeks before testing again. After two weeks, you can come back in and pay another $25.00 per test to take the first test(s) over again. If you fail again, you can turn around and pay an additional $25.00 per test to retake the second test(s) again. If you fail that round, it is required to wait another two weeks before starting the process over again.

For more information regarding the contractor’s testing, contact Codes & Planning at 660.627.1272.