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Can the City Attorney’s Office give me personal legal advice? 

  • No, he represents the City. You must contact your personal attorney for legal advice.

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Can I have a public defender appointed to represent me in Municipal Court for my ordinance violation? 

  • Public defenders by state law are not allowed to represent defendants in Municipal Court cases. However, the Municipal Judge may appoint an attorney under the following circumstance:
    • Financial qualification, as determined by information required on the written Application for Appointment of Counsel by the defendant
    • Jail must be part of the intended sentencing imposed by the court.

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Must I appear in court if I was served with a municipal subpoena? 

  • A subpoena for a witness is a court order which requires the served witness to appear to testify in a case that has been set for trial, unless released by the requesting party (prosecutor, defendant or defense attorney) or judge.
  • A citation issued by a police officer or a summons issued by the court (mail or served) is notification to the person charged (the defendant) that a charge has been filed with the court and a court date has been set for the matter. The necessity for a court appearance is determined by the type of the violation, as specified by law or judicial order. In the municipal court, certain violations can be satisfied without a court appearance by entering a signed plea of guilty and paying the standard fine and costs prior to the court date. Other violations require a court appearance. To determine which applies in your particular situation please contact the Municipal Court office at (660) 627-1237.

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Where do I view or pay a ticket? 

  • Cases processed through the Kirksville Municipal Court may now be viewed online by going to

  • Whether your violation can be satisfied with or without a court appearance, or you appeared in court and were assessed fines and costs, restitution, etc.; your payment can be paid at the Kirksville Municipal Court office located in City Hall, 201 S. Franklin St., Kirksville, MO 63501.
  • If you have gone to court and fine/costs, restitution, or board bill has been assessed to your case you can  pay online at for a small fee. You will need to select the 2nd Judicial Circuit Court and you must enter you case number.

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How do I pay for parking violations?

  • Parking Citations may be paid within the first 14 days, at $25.00 each to the City of Kirksville Finance Department, 201 S Franklin St., Kirksville, MO 63501.  Failure to pay within the first 14 days will result in court action, and there will be a fine of $25.00 and court costs of $32.50, for a total of $57.50.  Fine and court costs may be paid at the Kirksville Municipal Court, or you must appear on your court date.

    The Municipal Court does not issue parking tickets.  Questions about the issuance of a ticket should be directed to the issuing agency.  

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How do I request a copy of Court Records?

  • All requests for court records must be submitted in writing to the Kirksville Municipal Court Office.  A Defendant requesting a closed record may do so either in person, or by submitting a record request and copy of their drivers license.  Please allow up to three business days for processing and your records will be mailed.  If you have further questions please contact the Kirksville Municipal Court office at 201 S. Franklin St., Kirksville, MO  63501, or (660) 627-1237.

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How much is my traffic ticket? 

  • For violations that can be satisfied prior to the court date (without a court appearance), a payment envelope is provided by the police officer when the citation is issued. The amount of fines and costs required for the violation/violations is included on the envelope. If you have any questions, please contact the Municipal Court Office, 660-627-1237.

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When is a court appearance mandatory? 

  • Court appearance is mandatory for the following violations:
    • Speeding – 30 miles or more over the speed limit
    • Any moving violations when an accident is involved
    • Failure to Give Immediate Notice of an Accident.
    • Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle
    • Failure to Provide Valid Operator’s License
    • Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance (Only the 1st Offense with valid proof may be paid at the Violations Bureau)
    • Driving While Suspended/Revoked
    • Driving While Intoxicated and related charges
    • Any Ordinance Violation (Except 1st Offense Animal at Large or Failure to Register Animal with proof of current animal license on both)
    • Non-traffic violations (Except - Seat belt, Child Restraint, or any allowed by judicial order)
    • Any other violations not allowed by judicial order

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What if I can't appear in court on my scheduled date?

  • When receiving a citation or a summons, everyone is entitled to one continuance of either one or two weeks, provided you call the Municipal Court office prior to the original court date.

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