I'm Open, Now What?

Congratulations and Welcome New Business Owner!

Now that you are open for business it’s a great idea to engage in our local Kirksville Community. Engaging in the Community is a great way to network and expand your customer base. Here are a few suggestions from our department on how you can get involved!

Become a member of the Kirksville Chamber of Commerce! There are multiple membership benefits, such as, getting a ribbon cutting for your grand opening, advertising opportunities in their monthly newsletters, getting to participate in the New Student Welcome, the Art Walk, the Community Golf Tournament or one of their other many events. The Chamber will also welcome you to join different committees, participate in events, and even sponsor local sports teams.

How to Engage

Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce

Get involved in Kirksville Young Professionals (KVYP) and help bring new talent to the community. KVYP is a network of young professionals committed to the development of Kirksville’s community and future by facilitating professional development, connecting people, and engaging in community service.

Kirksville Young Professionals

Consider joining the Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee (KDIC). Although it is especially important for downtown business owners to get involved in this community organization, it is not exclusive to downtown. By making our downtown stronger, it can help the entire community. A strong downtown is vital to a healthy local economy! Get connected through their Facebook!

Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee

This is just a quick list to jump start your community involvement. Kirksville has number service organizations that present regular opportunities to connect with the community!

City Resources

In addition to engaging with the Community, we want you to be aware of all your available resources for help. This  page is designed to provide you with all of the resources you need for continuing to contribute to Kirksville’s economy.  Check out the links below! We have tried to provide all the resources you need for expanding, relocating, or remodeling.  If you have a question that's not answered here, feel free to contact Economic & Community Development at 660.627.1224!

Economic Development

The City of Kirksville Economic &  Community Development is here to support Kirksville businesses in a number of ways. Check out our homepage to learn more about programs we participate in.  Make sure to visit our Economic Development incentives webpage to learn about what we have to offer. There are many incentives to take advantage of, even after already opening your business.

Codes & Planning

If it’s time to remodel, relocate or expand, ensure you touch base with Codes & Planning for assistance. They can help you to ensure your current zoning fits with your expansion plans, or if relocating, that your new zone is adequate for your business. Here you will also find all the information necessary when remodeling: contact information, what requires a permit, how to obtain a permit, and the cost.


Check out Finance's link for business license information! This is a great resource if you are unsure when or how to renew your business license.

Other Business Resources

Don’t forget to keep in contact with all of the Economic Development Alliance Partners to keep up on what Kirksville has to offer:

Thank you again for doing business in the City of Kirksville! Please come back and visit our website any time you need more information regarding further developing your business.