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About the Police Department

The Kirksville Police Department has been in existence for more than one hundred and fifty years. In the very early days of Kirksville, in the 1830s and '40s, the Police Department was staffed by one officer who was better known as the town Constable or the Town Marshal. From a one-person Department, the Department has evolved into a modern, community-oriented, full-service police agency with 25 full-time officers.

Mission Statement

Policing excellence in partnership with the community.

In the accomplishment of our mission, we value and promote:

  • RESPECT for the rights of each person in all circumstances.
  • INTEGRITY in all we do
  • SERVICE to others
  • TEAMWORK in accomplishing shared goals
  • PARTNERSHIPS in the community
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING in a creative manner
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT proactive and uncompromising!

Structure of the Department

The Department is commanded by the Chief of Police, who is responsible for the administration of the department and the management of its mission. The Chief is also responsible for the overall guidance and direction of the Police Department's various divisions.

The Deputy Chief is the next ranking officer who is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the department's patrol functions. The Patrol Division has four shifts. Each shift is commanded by a Sergeant with a Master Police Officer assisting and is made up of 5 patrol officers. These shifts are charged with responding to calls for service, investigating crimes, apprehension of criminals, crime prevention, traffic enforcement and investigation, as well as other services.

The Deputy Chief is assisted by the Administrative Lieutenant, who is responsible for processing all event reports that are made by department officers. The Administrative Lieutenant is also responsible for all internal affairs, including investigations.

The School Resource Officer works out of the Patrol Division and is assigned to the Kirksville community schools. The S.R.O., as they are known, maintains an office in the high school and works closely with the public school system. The S.R.O. maintains a watch over the school's grounds and assists in teaching the children about various safety issues and the importance of making good decisions in every part of their lives.

The Investigations Division is staffed by three full-time Detectives who are responsible for helping solve more serious crimes in the community. They have specialized training in forensic investigations, evidence collection and processing, covert activities, interrogations including C.V.S.A. (Truth Verification), and a host of other skills. One Detective is dedicated to working Computer Crimes; he works closely with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and this position, as well as the equipment, is grant-funded. 

No department would be able to operate without those behind the scenes who assist in the day-to-day functions and operations. The Department employs a full-time Administrative Assistant who greets the public and takes care of just about every type of paperwork that is generated. The Department also employs a full-time Records and Evidence Custodian who maintains all of the department's reports and records.

Social Media

The Police Department frequently sends out messages about fugitives, missing persons, investigations, and community events. Even though the Police Department attempts to send out as much information to the public as possible, citizens are encouraged to follow local news media for emergency information.


Notifications & Alerts


In addition to routine police patrol duties, the department performs a variety of other services for the community.

Homeland Security 

The Kirksville Police Department, in conjunction with the Kirksville Fire Department, is a designated Regional Homeland Security Response Team. To fulfill this role, city emergency responders receive additional training and equipment. As a result, they are prepared to respond to Homeland Security incidents anywhere in the United States. The departments have been furnished, through federal grants, with special equipment to assist with carrying out this mission. 

Special Response Team (S.R.T) 

In the event of extremely high-risk incidents, the department deploys its specially trained response team, known as S.R.T. (commonly referred to as a SWAT team). The team is considered vital in times of heightened homeland security awareness and can undertake a variety of missions when called upon. Team members include a hostage negotiator and two sharpshooters and it has two specific vehicles and a myriad of special equipment at its disposal.  


The Investigations Division is staffed with three full-time Detectives; two of which are responsible for helping solve more serious crimes in the community.  They have specialized training in forensic investigations, evidence collection and processing, covert activities, interrogations including Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA), arson investigations as well as a host of other skills. The third Detective is assigned to the Kirksville Regional Computer Crimes Unit. 

Kirksville Regional Computer Crimes Unit

There is currently one full-time Detective and four part-time Officers assigned to the Kirksville Regional Computer Crimes Unit (KRCCU). The KRCCU is an affiliate agency with the Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and relies largely on Federal and State grant funding to maintain operations. The KRCCU will handle any criminal case involving illegal activity that has taken place involving a computer or related media devices. These cases often include, but are not limited to fraud, financial crimes, drug investigations, and the possession and distribution of child pornography. The KRCCU covers 13 counties in Northeast Missouri and will offer its assistance, free of charge, to Law Enforcement Agencies. They also provide education to Law Enforcement, Schools and community service organizations. 

Animal Control & Parking Enforcement

The Animal Control & Parking Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of animal control ordinances and parking enforcement ordinances.  They are also responsible for investigating complaints of animal abuse, catching stray or loose animals and picking up injured or deceased animals and transporting them to the Adair County Humane Society. 

Lake Patrol

The Lake Patrol consists of one full-time seasonal employee staffed by a patrol officer who enforces city regulations and ordinances on Forest Lake. This patrol also assists recreational boaters and swimmers whenever the need arises.

Auxiliary Patrol

Auxiliary Patrol has a limited amount of positions that are not full-time and are used to supplement the patrol schedule to reduce overtime and assist with larger events such as the NEMO Fair. Auxiliary officers are difficult to find as they are required to have the same license and training as a full-time officer.

Citizen's Academy

The Police Department hosts an annual Citizen's Academy, educating the public on processes and procedures in Law Enforcement.  The participants learn hands-on experiences during several weeks. 

Statutory Law Foundation

Kirksville is a third-class city.  Police Authority for third-class cities is established in State Statute RsMO 85.5612:  "In all third-class cities, the members of the police department shall be conservators of the peace, and shall be active and vigilant in the preservation of good order within the city.  Every member of the police department shall have the power at all times to make or order an arrest with proper process for any offense against the laws of the city or the state.  Every member of the police department shall have the power to make or order an arrest in areas leased or owned by the municipality outside of the boundaries of such municipality".

There are several city-owned properties outside the boundaries of the City.  They include water treatment facilities, Forest Lake, Hazel Creek Lake, and the Kirksville Regional Airport.  Additionally, as authorized by Section 70.820 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, a properly trained police officer has arrest powers at any place within the state when they observe someone causing or creating a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury to another.

The police department uses a lengthy process to select and test potential officers.  All officers are required to be licensed by the Peace Officers Standard and Training Commission of the State of Missouri; licensing is usually a pre-requisite to employment.  Once a position is opened, advertisements are made appropriately and candidates are initially processed through the Missouri Career Center.  Applications are screened and invitations to test are sent to a selected number of candidates.  Stages of the employment process have included a designed-for-police written exam, physical fitness/agility exam, comprehensive background investigation, and oral interview board.  Conditional job offers are made pending a successful truth detection examination, physical, and psychological examination.

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Anonymous Tip Line: 660.627.BUST
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